Glass Sign

We create “Gold Etched Glass”.
All products are handcrafted. Every task is made by hand from a clear glass to beautiful art glass.

It is created by three production process.
Putting gold leaf
We produce beautiful art work without compromise.

Lost Art

Glass sign was born in the UK in the late 19 century.
Then, the art and skill were transmitted to the USA especially NYC.
Many unique artists built original style and skills one by one.
1930〜1940, the art Glass sign had reached the peak of activities as a top of signboard.
Many luxury bland and hotel ordered Glass sign as a signboard and decoration their shop.
People walking along the street had their eyes glued to shining of real gold and fineness detail.
It was no exaggeration to say that Glass sign is a part of metropolis.

Dressing  Shop

All Glass sign is made by hand.

A clear glass is carved and put gold leaf by a skilled hand. Therefore is drown by hand paint. That’s why you will see the difference from stacker and just paint at first sight.

It will give a huge impact to the customer to pass in front of your shop.
you can get an advantage from other shop.

Please contact us, if you are interested in our product and design.
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It’s free for asking detail and quotation.
We have order plan for being easy to make your wish.

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