Beginig of creation glass sign is Glass etching.
Glass etching is scraping, carve and melting glass for adding unevenness on glass surface.
It’s special techniques include quite dengrous hard work.

We mainly take three technics

1. Sand blasting 2.Glue chipping 3.Acid etvhing


1. Sand blasting

Sand blasting is a way of scraping on glass surface by spraying high-pressure sand.
This is common in everywhere, cloud glass is one of them.

If spraying time is short, the surface is just gonna be rough,


Keep spraying longer time, get sculptured like this.


Finally put a gold leaf, able to sublimate to beautiful art piece. It’s beautiful isn’t it? 


Origin of sand blusting for glass is little old, back to 19 centuries.
One American guy found it. Sand of desert gusted to house window, and it made be clouded. 
The American guy thought it may use for decoration of glass. this story is called beginning of  sand bulasting.



 2. Glue chipping

Glue chipping is also called crystal glass, marbled glass, this is also one of etching glass.
Lead mixed appropriate amount glue into glass, after dried it surface is scraped.

This is so hard and sencitive work because finished effect is change by depending compound amount, time of dring and timing of heating. 

So that this work required a great deal job.


It is said came into Japan with imported furniture in Meiji period.


Glue chipping glass have large existence, it is just beautiful with nothing.


Not only glue chipping, we add gold and silver. Let it be art pieces.


 3. Acid etching

This work is needed the most highest skilled.
To dye pattern by melting glass used deleterious acid etching liquid. It might die if drink this liquid.

While work this part, wear a gas suit, a gas mask and double chemical glove in special room with a ventilating system.



It can be more beatuful finish cause take a huge risk.


And if add gold, like this.


After making this, remove the acid by using remover liquid three times. So when finished art piece arrived to you, it is definitely safe. You don’t need be worried.

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