Gold leaf is used for main letters.

Generaly in Japna, imitation gold is used for decoration on sign as gold leaf.
It means there are many case that brass foil is used.


Why is that happen?


Because of, it is easy to use and cheep. Looks like so similar.
But, it is only a few year. Halts of brass foil is getting darker by oxidation.
A couple of year or month, it will have come. Its gonna be a total wreck far from luxury.

We use only genuine gold. Real gold never get oxidation and lost its luster. 

Genuine gold is expensive and hard to use cause so thin. It can be 10times higher value than brass gold.


Why do we use only genuine gold? 


We think that sign is a not just sign, it is one of the art.
Not catch phrase for business,
we want the glass sign we make to remain as a beautiful art piece  after 100 years.



Genuine gold and gold leaf can be classify by mixing with other metal like jewelry.
Enjoying many color is one of charms.

Have you ever heard 24K, 18K, white gold and pink gold from with ring or neckless, haven’t you?

We use mixed many kind of golds for your request. First rough sketch from start we start to make it.

We propose best way your wish is realized.

Please contact us, if you are interested in our product and design.
Go to CONTACT page by clicking the image below. 

It’s free for asking detail and quotation.
We have order plan for being easy to make your wish.

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